15 Days Supply of XL Collagen Dressing

XL Collagen Dressing are 7” x 7” sheets of pure Collagen for use on larger wounds and are indicated to be used directly on the wound bed. Utilizing this technology ExtremityCare® has crafted kits that includes a Primary Dressing of Collagen, as well as the needed Secondary Dressing and other required supplies to perform a daily dressing changes.

Once prescribed 15 of the selected carePAC’s will be shipped to the patient permanent address to be used for their wound care management.

Indication Driven Care

Once XL Collagen Dressing has been selected, the appropriate secondary dressing will be paired depending on the wound’s unique indication. Our Collagen Dressing carePAC come with any of the following; Bordered Island Dressing, and Zetuvit Silicone Border.

In addition, for patient benefit, a conforming stretch bandage and set of gloves are included in every pouch. As well as waterproof tape in every box to provide the patient with all necessary product for performing a dressing change.

Possible configuration for Collagen Dressings

ECX-001 careLAGEN™ XL Dressing w/ Bordered Single Unit

EC011 careLAGEN™ XL 7"x7" A6023 1
EC012 careGARD™ XL 6" x 8" Bordered Gauze Dressing A6220 1
EC006 Bulky Gauze Bandage A6441 1
EC010 Gloves, L - 2

CX-MB01 carePAC™ XL Dressing w/ Bordered Single Unit

CP003 ColActive PLUS Collagen Sheet 7"x7" A6023 1
CP007 Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border 7x7 A6198 1
CP009 Conforming Stretch Band 6in X 4.1yds A6447 1
CP000 Gloves, L - 2