About our Insurance Verification Request

ExtremityCare® has an advanced Insurance Verification process, which allows our team to verify insurance coverage at the time that our products are ordered. This crucial service requires the information listed below:

  • Patient Name
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Patient insurance Plan(s) Policy number(s)
  • Physician and Facility NPI, Tax ID, Payer IDs, PTANs
  • Physician and Facility Network Status
  • Signatures for both patients and providers are required for all DME Products
More information on the process for healthcare providers

For carePAC products, patients are able to access the Medicare Surgical Dressings Benefit (Social Security Act §1861(s)(5)). This Medicare benefit is intended to provide patients with surgical dressings at little to no out of pocket costs. The carePAC program is specifically designed to ensure that patients can obtain these benefits in a convenient manner at their permanent residence based on their medical needs.

To obtain this benefit, the wound must meet specific qualification requirements. Surgical dressings are covered when a qualifying wound is present. A qualifying wound is defined as either of the following:

  • A wound caused by, or treated by, a surgical procedure; or,
  • After debridement of the wound, regardless of the debridement technique.

The surgical procedure must be performed by a treating practitioner or other healthcare professional to the extent permissible under State law.

Products that are eligible to be classified as a surgical dressing are defined as:

  • Primary dressings – Therapeutic or protective coverings applied directly to wounds or lesions either on the skin or caused by an opening to the skin.
  • Secondary dressings – Materials that serve a therapeutic or protective function and that are needed to secure a primary dressing. Items such as adhesive tape, roll gauze, bandages, and disposable compression material are examples of secondary dressings.

Some items, such as transparent film, may be used as a primary or secondary dressing.

With carePAC, we take the guesswork out of this process.

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